Welcome to the Class of 1975!

My Summer of '75

^ Our pet sasquatch Izzy was hiding in the forest behind us as Tim, Jimmy & Reed stood for a selfie.

With no expectations, after graduation, I had nothing on the ball. No offers, no jobs, no place to go.

Reed did. But he felt sorry for my sad situation. So he offered to have me join him in his summer of '75 escape to Maine. He also knew I had a car we could use to go there.

Freshman Year: 1971 vs. 2009

My oldest daughter had her Fall term, Freshman Year in 2009. As I watched her NOT prepare for this, I keep comparing her experience with mine, 38 years apart. As we got ready to shed her for college, I couldn't control my utter jealousy of her situation compared to mine. We did have some advantages over the youth of today, but they are few.

For us back then, it was late September when we started and guess what? They recorded a song just for us, "Maggie May." Somebody in Musser, across from where I was in Davis, really, really, really, really liked that song and played it nearly every afternoon. It set the mood for that Fall to be sure.

But the biggest rub between then and now is that my daughter scored a single room, her freshman year at Hamline. That hurts. She later told us she hated having a single room. Go figure.

This is it: work in progress...

We've decided to update our class website with a modern-day content management system so we don't have to update ever again. You'll notice some radical improvements in the coming months, with final completion, just before our next reunion in 2010. We will also stick on the homepage, some stuff I come across that may be of interest and even, God forbid, some commentary...